EA Sports Reveals Details About FIFA For The Nintendo Switch

#FIFA #NintendoSwitchEA Sports Reveals Details About FIFA For The Nintendo Switch : In January 2017, when Nintendo revealed the details about the Switch console, EA games said that there would be a custom-built FIFA game on the Nintendo Switch console. However, the game maker did not reveal any further details regarding the upcoming FIFA game for the Switch. They did not even reveal the name or release date of the game.

EA Will Develop Custom-Built FIFA Game For The Switch

However, thanks to the interview from GameReacter, a lot of interesting information about the popular football game FIFA has been revealed. According to the interview, the Chief Competition Officer of EA Sports, Peter Moore has said that the company is working on a custom-built FIFA game for the Nintendo Switch console. He also said that unlike the other sports games that generally get built by outsourced projects to third-party developers, EA Vancouver would develop the FIFA game for the switch. This indicates that EA is indeed serious about bringing sports games to the Switch, as reported by Dailystar.

FIFA 18 Will Be Launched In September 2017

The upcoming FIFA game for the Nintendo Switch will be called “FIFA 18.” Peter Moore also said that the game would be launched at the traditional launch window of EA sports during the month of September, along with the FIFA game for the PC, PS4, and XBO, as reported by Gamerant. Since the game is going to be custom built to suit the hardware requirements of the Switch, the game will not be the last-generation port as speculated in the rumors. Reports also reveal that the company will bring back the story campaign mode for offline pay along with the standard online modes.

It is yet to be revealed if EA Sports will bring more sports games to the Nintendo Switch, as the company has not so far signed any other sport for the console.

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