Indonesian Students Invent Lotion Made Of Rind


#Brawijaya University #Malang (East Java) #Azala Sofia Afifah – Indonesian engineering students of Brawijaya University, Malang (East Java), have invented a lotion and a soap product made of peel extracts of mangosteen, banana, and dragon fruit.

“The peel extracts are used because they are rich in anti-oxidant compounds that are helpful in preventing skin cancer. Our products can also disguise scars and moisturize the skin,” the leader of student research team, Azala Sofia Afifah, said here on Friday.

The students’ research team won a golden medal for their invention at the 3rd World Invention Creativity Contest (WICC) 2016 organized by Korea University Invention Association (KUIA) in Seoul, South Korea recently.

Sofia explained that the soap and lotion were made of fruit waste collected from several grocery stores, including fruit juice stalls.

One kilogram of fruit, she added, could produce four 100 ml bottles of lotion and six soap cakes, each weighing 20 gram.

The extracts are generated using methanol. The lotion making process is divided into two phases, namely water and oil phase.

The soap was made by mixing the peel extracts and lemon, then putting it through the oil phase in which a blend of virgin coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil is used.

All ingredients were procured from locals. The products were being sold under the brand name Azala Skin Care for Rp15,000 for lotion and Rp5,000 for soap.

Earlier, the Azala Skin Care team won an award at the 27th Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE) 2016 in Malaysia with an anti-cancer lotion made of mangosteen peel extract.

The Azala Team comprised five students from two different majors. They are Sofia Afifah, Yuyun Drupadi and Mohammad Rizal Fauzi from Chemical Engineering, and Indra Barani and Linggar Gara Putra from Mechanical Engineering.

Besides winning a gold medal for the WICC, the team also achieved a Special Award from International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (I-ENVEX) Malaysia.



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