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#apple #IOSApple launched new products on March 24, but what lies ahead in 2017. Here is a round-up of upcoming Apple products and rumors.

The WWDC 2017 is starting to through its shadows on the Apple rumor mill. Apple’s developer conference will feature the new versions of Apple’s operating systems including iOS 11.

One if the big new features in iOS 11 is a more powerful Siri. The upgraded AI assistant is supposed to be more contextual and able to learn from the behavior of the user. Siri is also said to be integrated into iCloud to work across all the devices of a user. tvOS and watchOS also supposedly cosy up to Siri. These Siri WWDC rumors are coming out of Israel from the verifier according to MacRumors.

The next macOS after Sierra will also give its first debut at the WWDC17. Nothing much is known about the next desktop operating system from Apple. The company just released macOS 10.12.4 Sierra with Night Shift support.

Apple might be doing a media event before June’s WWDC in late April to introduce new hardware. Apple released on March 24 the new $329 iPad, the iPhone 7 Red and the iPhone SE with more storage. This was just the start of new Apple products in 2017. There are many more new products expected to be released this year from Apple.

The new products that Apple is releasing this year include the new iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, 2017 iMac, 2017 Apple Watch Series 3, 2017 MacBook Pro and 2017 Apple TV.

Apple is rumored to work on augmented reality related products. An Apple AR product could be the big “One More Thing” in 2017. Rumors point to anAugmented Reality headset that works with the iPhone.

The iPhone 8, aka 10th anniversary iPhone is a new flagship smartphone that will sit above the new iPhone 7S. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have an 5.8″ edge-to-edge OLED display and a new design. Apple will release three new iPhones this fall and not just two. Read the current iPhone 8 rumors in our constantly updated round-up.

Another highly anticipated product for this year is the 2017 iMac. The iMac is over due for an update. Read the current 2017 iMac rumors for more details. Other computer hardware from Apple that are expected to get an upgrade include theMacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini.

The new Apple Watch, expected to be released in fall, will likely bring LTE connectivity as an option. Other smartwatch makers have already introduced LTE connected smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 3 might get a glass-film touchscreen. Read more about the latest Apple Watch Series 3 rumors.

The Cupertino based consumer electronics giant is in a pretty good place right now. It’s stock value has been steadily growing and is now at $140. New products will keep fueling the company’s value and sales in 2017. Only unexpected events such as Samsung’s battery gate can stop Apple. The next major Apple event is the WWDC 2017 on June 5. The registration for WWDC 2017 tickets opens on Monday, March 27.

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